Rental Rates

All mobile rentals require insurance and need to be booked on the platforms listed below

Additional Information


Stationary Rentals

All stationary rentals do not require additional insurance coverage and can be booked

directly by contacting us below.

A refundable security deposit will be taken for all units

Stationary - $750

Mobile - $500

additional fees may apply - see below

Mobile Rentals

All mobile rentals require additional insurance and must be booked under the following two platforms

Please follow one of the links below:



Stationary Add-on Fees

Delivery/Pick Fees: 

under 15 miles = FREE

16-50 miles = $125

51-75 miles = $250

Cleaning Fees:

mandatory fee = $50

not returned clean = $125

damages will be subject to be taken out of security deposit


Corn Hole game set - $3 day / $20 wk

Portable Ping Pong, Checkers, Chess picnic table top board   $3 day / $20 wk

Kayak rental - single person (limit 2)  $7.50/$15 day    $50/$100 wk

Wicker 4 piece table/chair set with cushions     $35 wk / $125 month

Wicker 4 seat sectional/table set with cushions    $50 wk/ $185 month

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